Just Bought – Identity Crisis by Lila Munro + an embarrassing accident

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12/04/2012 by Basia Rose

That damn one-click button on the Amazon Kindle is pure evil. I know it’s meant to be, because then they can steal all your money. But just now I accidentally bought what might be the worst book ever:

Selena Gomez: The Quote Book

Blurb? Here:

Selena Gomez: The Quote Book is a collection of the essential quotes and sayings of Selena Gomez. It provides Gomez’s thoughts on topics ranging from dating and love to music and life as a star.

Because, you know, everyone needs inspirational life quotes from Disney kiddies.

Of course, there’s Justin Bieber Baby, which could easily be worse. The author of that one doesn’t even know the difference between “edition” and “addition”.

I have returned the bloody thing.

On a more normal note, I did get something I might actually read.

I’ve got to stop saying I’ve bought these things! This is today’s freebie on All Romance Ebooks


Someone once said you never truly know a person,

Chad Dearborn was raised with a silver spoon in his mouth. He was given everything a person could want and more, country clubs were his daycares and Paris and London his playgrounds. Heir to Dearborn Inc., Chad stands to inherit a veritable fortune. But the problem is his parents want to gift him the perfect wife to go with it. A woman in the form of a molded, plastic, jet set dolly. Certainly not Chad’s idea of an ideal mate. He wants a woman that can hold her own, in and out of the bedroom. Who knew he’d find her in one of Portland’s hottest leather clubs? Chad was fascinated by what went on there, but something just wouldn’t let him cross that line.

until you sleep with them.

Country clubs? Europe? The closest Tori Myers ever came to those things were the covers of magazines. With an absent father, a less than attentive mother and nowhere to go, Tori finds herself drawn to an alternative lifestyle at the tender age of eighteen. Vertigo is a treasure chest of Dom’s willing to give her anything she wants. But when Chad Dearborn walks through the door, Tori figures out sometimes what your heart wants isn’t necessarily what your body is willing to compromise to have.

Or do you?

The thing that just wouldn’t let Chad cross the line with his sexuality has come home to roost. And as a result, he’s faced with a huge decision. Accept who he is and what he wants. Or continue to fight the biggest identity crisis of his life.

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