Ménage Monday – Just Read: Warriors’ Woman by Evanne Lorraine


16/04/2012 by Basia Rose

There’re three men for the heroine here. 

I seem to be buying sci-fi books left, right and centre at the moment, which is weird, because it’s not a genre I’m very familiar with. The cover of this one caught my eye for some reason, and of the various samples I downloaded over the Easter weekend, this was the one I ended up buying.

Basically, the characters are holed-up in a cabin somewhere, in the cold. This gives them plenty of time to – ahem – get down to business.


  • SHY GUYS!! There’re three big, enormously strong futuristic warriors in this book, and all three are so self-conscious around the heroine, and so certain she will reject them. Even be repulsed by them. I love shy guys. I adore self-conscious guys. This was my favourite thing about the book.
  • Sci-fi takes a little getting used to when, well, you’re not used to it. But once I got into the story I liked the concept.
  • Futuristic guys who use the metric system. Good stuff.

There’re a few “end of the world” ménage romances I’ve come across recently. Interesting concept, and a good one really. Why? Because it gives us a believable reason for why a bunch of people would fall into a relationship like this without having to sit down and consider what society thinks about it. (One of the things I dislike most in ménage romances is when those issues aren’t addressed and everyone’s completely fine with it.)


Book one in the Seduction Mission series.

After a pandemic decimated the world’s population, life became a deadly game of survival and Minka a wary contestant. An ordinary woman caught in an extraordinary situation, she battles weather, feral gangs and dangerous armored men. While she appreciates the help of three sinfully sexy mech warriors, she’s not buying into their time travel delusion.

Letting Minka continue her journey without their protection is unacceptable to the triad. But once in the safety of a remote cabin, their plan to simply win her cooperation backfires when the warriors fall into bed with her…and into love. Stranded in a hazardous past with Minka, they turn their powers to winning her heart with irresistible erotic pleasure.

Their safe haven doesn’t last long and the triad is forced to move Minka to their intended location. Although each man has special talents vital to her rescue, in the end their success depends on her willingness to accept the men as her own.

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