General Grumblings – Foxes and Feminism

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18/04/2012 by Basia Rose

Okay, got to stop staying up half the night. There’s some creature –a fox or a possum or something – that has a route running through my garden. That means that late most nights I almost have a heart attack when there’s scratching and then footsteps and the occasional crash just outside the window. Following on from the burglars the other week, I’m regressing to childhood and becoming afraid of the dark!

There’s an online poll in Australia at the moment, asking the question “Do you consider yourself a feminist?”

The last time I checked, the results were:

Yes: 7486

No: 28312

I find that a little terrifying.

I know that there’s an attitude these days that feminism has gone too far, but if people think women in this world have achieved equality, then they need to be shot.

Hell, only a couple of days ago a man close to me informed me that there’s no such thing as pressuring teenage girls into sex. Apparently the only reason underage girls have sex is because they’re dirty little sluts.

With attitudes like that in “evolved, progressive” Australia, what hope is there for women in other parts of the world?

The ideas around feminism have probably gone off the rails a bit, and I can see how men feel threatened by them. I can also see how women who want to play a more traditional female role in their own lives feel intimidated by feminist attitudes. Hell, I’m hugely into Dominance and submission, and very interested in Domestic Discipline!

But, yeah. Basically I find it shocking how much hatred there is out there for the idea of gender equality, and am infuriated that the men (and women!) around me can’t even see where the problems are.

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