Ménage Monday – Customer Confusion

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23/04/2012 by Basia Rose

Maya Banks’ Colters’ series is about generations of brothers who share the same woman. It’s written right there for you in the titles – look where the apostrophe is!

This follow-up short story to book one has been free on Amazon for ages – which means anyone and everyone has been downloading it. Because, you know, Free = Automatic Download for most people (I’ve been trying to curb myself of this habit, as my Kindle is clogged up with things I’ll never read).

The problem is that nobody bothers to pay attention to the blurb. Which, of course, means there’re ten trillion reviews by horrified people – some who apparently thought they were getting an Inspirational Romance with Bible verses.

One way I think the cover designer went completely wrong was that they packaged the series to look like Inspirational Romance. More than that, the cover of Colters’ Wife looks like Historical Romance!

I have no idea why they did that. Going on the covers alone, I wouldn’t buy the books. I’m not interested in the Inspirational subgenre. I think it’s entirely possible to package the books in a way that you know you’re in for a lot of hot sex scenes, without resorting to complete trashiness.

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