Ménage Monday – Secret Desires by Cara Bristol

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30/04/2012 by Basia Rose

I’m in love with Cara Bristol’s writing. It doesn’t much matter if I love or hate the characters she writes about.

I read this one last week. It’s short, but fulfilling. The ménage situation is temporary, not a permanent relationship. The main relationship is between Morgan and Jack, and both have been denying their sexual desires from the other because they believe if they voiced them they’d be rejected. Both love each other enough to stay together even though they don’t find vanilla sex satisfying.

When Jack spanks Morgan for the first time – for a truly stupid and selfish thing she does – it completely changes the dynamic of their relationship.

As with Unexpected Consequences, the heroine of this story has some growing up to do. I really like how the author paints Domestic Discipline as being something that can help the women discover something about themselves.

Yes, the ménage is temporary, but in a shorter story it actually takes up quite a decent portion of the book. Cara Bristol somehow managed to make the threesome (with a kinky friend) seem new to me – quite a feat when I read so many of these books!

Something that should get you interested is the fact this book is only 99 cents on Amazon!


Morgan Moran knew there were good surprises and bad surprises. A good surprise was getting into the hairdresser because of a cancellation or being treated to a day at a luxury spa by her boyfriend. A bad surprise was having that boyfriend pop the question before she was sure she wanted to commit.

Morgan feared her boyfriend Jack Hudson would ask her to marry him. She loved him—but she wasn’t sure she could love him until death-did-she part. Jack was kind, gentle, thoughtful and built like a sex god, but he was boring in the sack. She wasn’t sure she could settle for a lifetime of vanilla sex when what she really craved was thirty-one flavors.

In his younger days Jack had sowed some wild oats. Really wild – the kind of oats that he knew would shock Morgan. But he’d cleaned up his act and become a responsible, respectable veterinarian since then. He was ready to settle down and ask Morgan to be his wife. He was crazy about her. She was a sexy, sassy, spitfire of a woman that kept him on his toes. Unfortunately, she also kept him waiting. And waiting. She was late to everything. To Jack it seemed almost as if she was trying to push his buttons. He’d decided that if she was late one more time he was going to spank her.

When Morgan showed up three hours after her own birthday celebration, she forced Jack to take a very firm stand. The firm stand and the discussion that followed unleashed a night of passionate discovery that fulfilled all of Morgan’s secret desires. But in the harsh glare of morning, she wondered if the price paid for fulfillment had been too high.

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