I’m a grouch this week!

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08/05/2012 by Basia Rose

  So, renovations are being done on the house at the moment, and I’m basically annoyed about every aspect of it.

Firstly, yesterday I couldn’t even get to the bathroom to shower until the sun had set. I also couldn’t work on my computer because they kept turning the power off.

But my biggest gripe would be the other species of being that’s taken over the house. Seriously, these men doing the work cannot be human. I mean, is it really so difficult to leave the toilet in the same condition it was in when you entered it? Or – I don’t know – to wash your hands afterwards, especially when you’re going into my kitchen immediately after?!

It would also be nice if they didn’t promise to be finished in three days, only for it to actually take two weeks!!

I’m so frustrated.

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