My Kindle has had it

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09/05/2012 by Basia Rose


Two complaining posts in two days. What a delightful person I am this week!

Now, I know electronic devices break, and even that they’re made to be that way.

It’s a simple fact of life, unfortunately.

But I think I’m entitled to be annoyed about my Kindle dying when it was caused by human error – and not my error.

A family member spilt an enormous glass of alcohol on it a few days ago, you see. The buttons on the right side no longer work. When I try to read a book, the pages skip through at a hundred miles an hour, so I can only read about a sentence before the page turns on its own. Some of my books disappeared – as did all my highlights and bookmarks. The battery dies in about ten minutes, and then has trouble charging.

I know very little about technology, but I think that signals the end of my ereader!

On the bright side, that means I get a newer, fancy one. But If I order it from America, it won’t be here for a while. It also means that I can’t read my smut whenever I want. I have paperback copies of my favourites (yes, I love paperbacks a lot), however not all smut is available in paperback, and I’m still not that confident with my sexual preferences that I’m happy to take something like “Daddy’s Little Sex Toy” with a naked-people cover out in public!

So – short of taking my laptop to bed to read on – I’m currently smut-free.

Just seemed like this blog was the right place to do some complaining!

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