Just Read – Colters’ Promise – Maya Banks


06/06/2012 by Basia Rose

So, it’s Tuesday morning in the United States, and late on Tuesday night here in Australia.

Which means I’ve already read my first new release book of the day.

I have no willpower. I caved and bought Colters’ Promise.

Don’t go into this one expecting erotic romance. There’re maybe ten pages of this book that have anything erotic to them. Remove those pages – and the fact half of the female characters are in polyamorous marriages – and this could be heartwarming inspirational romance.

It’s kind of a pity this book was released in June, when it is well and truly a Christmas book (which begs the question, what the hell is with the summer-themed cover?!). Christmas cooking, Christmas surprises, Christmas presents. Snow – well, it’s summer at Christmastime here, but we still associate snow with Christmas!

One thing Maya Banks has done that’s pretty amazing is write “dirty” and manage to make it wholesome. She presents unconventional as completely normal, and makes it work (with a side dose of mushiness!).

Definitely don’t read this unless you’ve read the rest of the series. It’s like a book-length epilogue to the other books.

It is also possibly a set-up for a new book with the new female character.

Basically, this is what to expect:

Some of this:

And then more of this:

Then a chapter of this:

To finish with some more of this:

One thought on “Just Read – Colters’ Promise – Maya Banks

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