A book and two complaints.


12/06/2012 by Basia Rose

It’s Tuesday (in the States at least; Tuesday has just about been and gone here in Aus!), which means there’re more books being released as I type.

I’m about to settle in with my brand spanking (ha!) new copy of Cara Bristol’s Domestic Discipline book False Pretenses. Then I’ll probably spend some more time browsing the very excellent Loose Id’s very excellent website to see what else I might want to buy!

Complaint #1

My computer is not working properly at all. I think the internet was faster when I had dial-up more than a decade ago. And it definitely didn’t disconnect every five minutes like it’s doing now!

I’m having a lot of trouble getting onto some sites, which means I haven’t answered a bunch of messages. It’s not on purpose!

Complaint #2

Something I’ve come across more and more on the internet recently:

I wish people would stop saying only bigger women are “real” women.

I’m pretty damn thin. Does that make me a man?!

I just don’t get why there has to be so much nastiness – especially on so-called “body positive” blogs. Apparently the positivity only works for one body type. It truly is possible to be positive about more than one thing at once. Unfortunately nobody – in the fashion industry, on the internet, anywhere – seems to remember that. In the last week I stopped following a few blogs because there was such cruel stuff being said about women who look just like me. Two wrongs don’t make a right!

Those “eat a sandwich” comments people throw around so easily (and have bled into so many “plus-sized heroine” erotic romance books)? What’s the point in them? They’re bitchy. I promise you, I may not be a big person, but there’s been no shortage of sandwiches in my life!

5 thoughts on “A book and two complaints.

  1. Cara Bristol says:

    Thank you Basia for the mention! I’m also a small, thin woman. We should accept everyone, no matter what their body type is!

    • Basia Rose says:

      You’re welcome. I’ve been looking for a new DD book to read– so I’ve been going extra crazy waiting for the 12th!
      I’m reading the book now, and I’ve just reached the first spanking…!

  2. Amen!!! I am small but not so thin anymore. When I was thin I used to get “you need to gain weight,” now that I’ve gained the weight it’s “You’re getting fat”. I agree with, Cara, “we should accept everyone…”

    On a side note, if we feel this way about our weight, I wonder how the guys that we reference in our books feel about the muscles in what not. Hmmm.

    Wonderful post!

    • Basia Rose says:

      Thanks – it was driving me mad for a while now. I hate how people feel the need to insult others just to feel better about themselves. I always see “real” attached to pictures of women with certain body types, and not others. I sit here thinking, “Well what does that make me?!” Last time I checked I still qualified for woman status!
      I think men should stay away from a lot of books – it would be very damaging to their egos! It’s always nice to read a book where the hero’s and heroine’s appearances are given equal attention. I love gorgeous men(!!), but if we’re moving steadily away from supermodel heroines, I don’t think the heroes should always have to be that perfect either!

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