Fetish-Inspired Fashion

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26/06/2012 by Basia Rose

So my computer is completely dead now. Yesterday I had to pull out my old one (which I am currently typing on), and this one is so damaged it took twelve – count ‘em, twelve – hours to turn on! So I’m slower than ever at the moment, and having heaps of trouble even logging onto WordPress.

On the weekend I read a newspaper article about an Australian designer who convinced Lady Gaga to wear some of his creations when she was on tour in Australia. His name is Phoenix Keating, and apparently his designs are inspired by fetish wear (not exactly hard to see that!). I actually think the clothes are absolutely horrible, and they look poorly-made. But I can see people who know nothing about kink thinking this stuff is complete genius, and that nobody has done anything like it before!

The article went on with a lot of pretentious arty talk about breaking down barriers and normalising fetish themes or whatever, but to be honest, all I could think was that those supposed shibari outfits had to have the lamest attempts at rope-ties I have ever seen!

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