End of the week miscellany

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29/06/2012 by Basia Rose

* I am nearing the end of a reread of Tender Mercies by Kitty Thomas. It’s a mildly non-con yet romantic BDSM story (though the author is clear in that she doesn’t want romance or BDSM used when describing her work!), set on an island where Master/slave ownership is true. Law. Once a submissive sets foot in the place, the only law protecting them is that their Master cannot kill them.

The female protagonist handed herself over to a man who imprisoned and tortured her. She is sold, damaged, to our male protagonist, who has to take on the responsibility of showing her the difference between ownership and abuse.

It is a book I have an abnormal amount of love for, and this is not my first reread.

* Here is a great blog post about mentorship in BDSM.

* Also, Dominants Need Aftercare As Well from the same blog.

Your Kink Is Possibly Not Okay on Kinky Ever After – a blog run by a bunch of erotica authors.

This is a nice little fictional piece of writing from a very interesting spanking blog I follow. Some nice kink to end the week!

* And finally, I was randomly, unnecessarily, browsing Diva’s site, and found some pretty things I really don’t need to buy:

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