A bit more complaining, and a book to consider

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06/07/2012 by Basia Rose

I’m having so many computer woes it isn’t funny. My regular computer has been off being fixed for nearly a fortnight now, and this old one works occasionally, for a few hours every so often.

You never realise what you haven’t backed-up until a few weeks after your computer dies. I loaded one of my documents onto this computer last night, only to discover it’s a really old version of it. The last time I worked on this thing, it was a 50 000 word document. The copy I have saved is 40 000 words! Holy Jesus, but there’s no way I am ever going to remember what I lost!

Back up your documents every day folks. Hell, back them up five times a day!

I’ve been in one of those moods where I just want to reread books instead of reading something new. So I think my next reread will be Comfort Food by Kitty Thomas. Has anyone read it?

It’s one of those books that gets people talking. Completely non-con. The book begins with the abduction of the female character, who is kept captive and moulded into the kind of slave her captor wants her to be. And they find a happy ending – of sorts – together.

It’s one of those books where you’re madly supporting the wrong people, and want them to have what they want – even though you know that technically it’s wrong!

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