Grounding your wife in Domestic Discipline? + Another complaint about Ageplay.


08/07/2012 by Basia Rose

Domestic Discipline

I was just reading about some women who are grounded when they’re rude to their husbands, and it seemed so strange to me. Because… grounded? Really? Where you’re not allowed out of the house for a week or more? Where you’re not allowed to turn the television on? (And yes, that’s exactly how they were being punished.)

And being grounded just for being rude? Seems harsh.

I wasn’t even grounded as a child (but then, that could be because I believe it’s American terminology – here we just “get in trouble”!).

I know that in BDSM there’re often punishments like writing lines or whatever, so there’s some crossover. But for a husband to tell his wife she’s grounded and that she’s not allowed to speak to her friends… and has to get permission to go pick up the kids from school… that sounds ridiculous to me. It seems to confirm the accusations thrown Domestic Discipline’s way that it is a practice no different to turning your wife into your daughter.

If you’re stripped of the ability to have contact with anybody other than your husband (and the spawn, if you’ve spawned!) every time you argue a point or make your case in a situation where you don’t agree with your husband? Then you probably won’t be arguing much anymore.

Good thing?

It could be, but you have to remember, there’re times when the husband is going to be a dick. And he’s going to be wrong. And the wife should be able to argue her point without worrying she’s going to be confined to the house for weeks at a time.

Because – to me – that is not DD as much as it is out and out abuse. Denying your wife access to the outside world is exactly what abusers do. It’s a slippery slope.

Worse, still, is that the people practicing this fairly extreme version of Domestic Discipline so often bring Christianity into it.

If you choose DD because it’s right for your relationship, then good for you. Great for you! But if you choose DD because your church community tells you your wife is too stupid to operate on her own, then – sorry – but I’m going to have to very, very seriously disagree.

It seems to work for these people, but I would hate a husband who dished out the kind of punishment I associate with an eighth-grader who sneaked out to a concert.

And, hell. At least the eighth-grader still gets to leave the house for school five days a week!

So, about Ageplay:

After complaining about people using pictures of thirteen-year-old girls on their ageplay/porn blogs (or – more accurately – kinky blogs where the women are dressed like children), now I’ve seen these people using pictures of toddlers. (To be clear, they’re not pornographic pictures, but pictures to which the bloggers attach things they want to do to their “Babygirls” with their cocks.)

Did that three-year-old give her permission to be used on a porn blog, with dirty words added below the picture? And even if she did, she’s three!

7 thoughts on “Grounding your wife in Domestic Discipline? + Another complaint about Ageplay.

  1. vastlycurious says:

    Domestic Discipline makes perfect sense in the context of a M/s relationship. In any other context it is not appropriate nor advisable

    • Basia Rose says:

      I try to keep an open mind about DD, but then I stumble across something like this! I’m sure it makes perfect sense to some people, but it was definitely one of the weirder DD practices I have ever found.

      • vastlycurious says:

        Have you ever had a relationship under the guise a bdsm structure?

      • Basia Rose says:

        Yes – I definitely approach this from a BDSM perspective! I wrote a bit about DD a few weeks ago.
        It always seems to be BDSM vs. DD, with the DD crowd thinking BDSMers are perverted freaks.
        Punishment – I am fine with. But preventing your wife from leaving the house for a fortnight, and needing the husband’s permission to perform normal parental responsibilities = complete stupidity from where I stand! It’s not correcting a behaviour, that’s for sure.

  2. I agree and I disagree with you, I do not agree with DD at all I find it abusive in many ways . I have a friend who is southern Baptist, and runs a DD house, but all to many times his anger comes out. Yells , puts her down.
    I keep my mouth shut it is not my place. I just do not see how a man could treat his wife that way, and want her to spread that night.
    I wrote about DD on my blog about a month ago.

    • Basia Rose says:

      Yeah, DD often seems to be an excuse to be abusive – especially when religion is brought into it.
      I will never agree with the idea the Bible has told husbands it’s okay to do these things. DD isn’t something I could get into.

      • I am fully against DD I have seen relationships, and it is abuse. Most women are raised that way, and that is all they know Like the Stepford wives.
        To the men who live by DD they do not see the abuse I truly believe they do not..
        What is worse religions condone these actions

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