Why I think those 50 books are bad!


14/07/2012 by Basia Rose

Somebody I know described SM (they hadn’t heard of BDSM) as, “dirty old Englishmen who whip themselves”. Yeah, I’m still trying to understand that!

That illustrates pretty strongly why we don’t need any more ignorance about BDSM promoted.

And that’s exactly what that silly, far too popular series does.

Why? Because it portrays people in BDSM as only being kinky because they were raped by their mothers (or whatever). And it portrays a leaning towards BDSM as a dirty sickness that can be “cured” by a stupid brunette virgin who falls over all the time  (you know, just like Bella in Twilight!).

I don’t care if it’s romantic. Or, whatever. All I care about is that it is insulting to real people who identify as Dominant or submissive, or anything in between!

And now there’s finally an article that discusses why the series gets it so wrong. But – Holy Crap! The article defines BDSM as “bondage, discipline, slave and master”! Talk about misinformation!!

Here it is:


10 thoughts on “Why I think those 50 books are bad!

  1. Butterfly says:

    And yet it is so popular! And all these women who suddenly start to dream about a young broken controlling billionaire rescuing them from the boring sex life of theirs. Ah someone should write a novel to ridicule such phenomenon, like a modern erotic version of Don Quixote.
    p.s. There is an interesting repost by vile about a sauce attack triggered by this book.

    • Basia Rose says:

      Just give them time!
      I just wish all this hype had happened to a better author, like Cherise Sinclair or someone. But then, she didn’t hijack the Twilight fandom to kick-start her career. And I think her books might be a bit too real for the average 50 fan.
      Have to go and look for that post!

    • Joan says:

      Butterfly: Look up “Fifty Shames of Earl Grey.”

  2. vastlycurious says:

    I Have to repeat how much I LOVE ❤ your background! Wish I knew how to do this!! Still on a learning curve in this area…

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