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19/07/2012 by Basia Rose

* BDSM author Amber Skyze has a giveaway over at BDSM Book Reviews.

Here are two stories I found through the most excellent Tymber Dalton, who writes (real) BDSM books:

* I used to work in porn. Now I write erotic fiction. Why “Mommy Porn” makes me see fifty shades of red.

Should be required reading for everyone. As she says:

In my opinion, calling erotic fiction — whether we’re talking about Fifty Shades or anything else — “mommy porn” is degrading to both the producers and consumers of erotic fiction. Just think how creepy it would be if we called something “daddy porn.” To me, mommy porn has roughly the same ring to it. It just sounds squicky…which is, I think, the point. And that bothers me.

I get mad because I’m sick and tired of it being commonplace and acceptable to shame women — especially mothers — for having real, natural, healthy sexual desires, and for wanting to read or view material that caters to that.

* The Thinking Woman’s Guide to Fifty Shades of Grey By Julieanne Smolinski – a most excellent review of the Dreaded 50 Shades of Twilight Book.

My favourite part:

I get that this is supposed to be BDSM Lite for people with Aztec-pattern Kindle Fire covers, but the ideas about “alternative lifestyle” sex (James’s actual words) are kind of hilarious. It’s like it was all filtered through that sexually precocious but ultimately clueless friend from Catholic elementary school: Oh, yeah, S&M is all burgundy leather dungeons and sub-dom contracts.

* Finally – yes, I know I only posted this a few hours ago, but one can never post Cherise Sinclair’s new book cover too many times:

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