Kneeling with a bad knee…


23/07/2012 by Basia Rose

It’s Monday, but I never got around to reading the next ménage book on my list, so maybe I’ll get to discussing that next week.

I recently decided it would be a great idea to destroy my knee. So currently I am the owner of one knee, and one mess of a swollen black bruise that aspires to one day be a knee again.

I like to exercise pretty much on a daily basis, but now I feel as gross as you do on a long haul flight, where you sit in a chair for fourteen hours straight, not moving, and stuffing yourself with gluggy food.

Which got me to thinking… there really aren’t that many alternates to kneeling in BDSM. Whenever I see people discussing different submissive/slave positions, every “option” is just another way to kneel.

I’ve seen this addressed maybe once in a fictional BDSM situation, and just about never in real life. Surely there’s a more creative, less traditional, more forgiving to knees way to show your submission!

12 thoughts on “Kneeling with a bad knee…

  1. There are some who cannot kneel due to a knee injury, or really over weight. Some Dominants who are ego driving, will not except the fact that one cannot kneel. Other alternatives are have the sub sit on the couch, or bed.
    If it is just an over weight issue, I fix after all a dominant forms the submissive to fit his needs.
    I use to be hung up on such things, then one day I was thinking, some 15 years ago, while I was pulling a motor out of a 1970 Monte Carlo, because I was going to rebuild the engine.
    I am thinking Hmmm If I can take a motor out of a car and rebuild it to fit my needs, I can do the same with a submissive..

    • Basia Rose says:

      Good comparison! I’m always amazed by how long some people can kneel. I live a very healthy lifestyle, but now I’m sitting here with my leg propped up, and there’s NO way I could do it, no matter how much I wanted to!

  2. Eyes. The mirrors to the soul. So what if the body is kneeling. The eyes can submit and Dominate. So in this case a respectful use of where the eyes look would have the same effect, maybe even more.

  3. Rune R. says:

    There’s always the option of having someone stand at attention. or laying down (see positions used by priests and monks).

    I definitely agree that it’s the attitute that counts. Even with the sub standing and the Dom(me) kneeling it is clear who’s submitting and who’s dominating. Or at least it should be.

    • Basia Rose says:

      Thanks for sharing.
      “Even with the sub standing and the Dom(me) kneeling it is clear who’s submitting and who’s dominating. Or at least it should be.”
      You would hope so. If not, there’s something much bigger wrong than just what position you’re in!

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