Olympics and Cherise Sinclair – and more annoying Pinterest people!

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28/07/2012 by Basia Rose

So, the Olympic Opening Ceremony was… underwhelming… Don’t think I’ve ever seen a country advertising their National Health Service at an Olympic Games before! Whoever was behind this thing seemed to be all about pushing political agendas rather than promoting their nation.

I’ve gotta tell you, I really regretted staying up until 6am to watch it!

Keep on voting for Cherise Sinclair in the Ultimate Dom contest. (You have to scroll down through a nice propaganda piece about how great Christian Grey is – ugh! – to get to the poll.) It closes in a few days, and you can vote once a day. She really needs to win this thing – Master Marcus is far and away the best character in contention!

Pinterest is at it again, deleting perfectly tame pictures with no nudity in them. I think the “anti-porn brigade” takes great pride in going through people’s boards and reporting everything. Personally, I think that they’re not so much offended by this stuff as they are turned-on by what they’re looking at!

Also, I’d like to know why an adult’s buttocks are not allowed on the site, but there’re people with entire boards devoted to naked baby butts! Paedophile fodder, anyone?!

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