Just Read: Chasing Sunset by Sami Lee

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20/08/2012 by Basia Rose

This is one sexy (non-permanent) ménage read with a tiny dash of BDSM. And by “sexy” I mean there’s sex and then lots more sex. It is also a great look at why it isn’t always the best idea to bring a third person into your relationship, but – as romances go – things work out okay in the end. I was worried about how the drama was going to be resolved, but I needn’t have worried!

It is set in Australia, but I think that fact was mentioned only twice (and the book has American spelling, and no scary Aussie terminology, so no need to panic!) – following my current trend of reading erotic books by Australian authors.

Chasing Sunset was free a few weeks ago, but it’s still only $2.80 if you’re interested.

Chasing Sunset

When the sun goes down on their erotic encounter, who will be left standing?

After an unsettled childhood, Sidney McCall has finally found a home in Graceville. This dream town comes with a dream boyfriend. Drew Buchanan is charming, romantic, completely devoted to her—and he cooks! Now if only the whole commitment thing didn’t give her night sweats…
Drew, a professional chef, wants nothing more than to give Sidney everything she’s ever dreamed of, both in and out of bed. Even if it means serving up her most secret wish complete with a whipped-cream topping: a tryst with two men. His best friend Brody Nash is the missing ingredient, and the only man he trusts with the woman he loves.
What starts out as a little harmless sexual play quickly boils over into something none of them expected. An emotional minefield that could forever change the course of their lives.

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