How erotica authors feel about rape-detecting lady parts


23/08/2012 by Basia Rose

Plenty of people have had something to say about this fuckwit’s theory that women have magical lady parts that can identify a rapist and shut down a reproductive system.

Two of my favourite responses were by erotica authors Remittance Girl and Kitty Thomas.

Of course, women-hating fuckwits love to flock together. As you can see, this fuckwit has decided to join the club.

EDIT: Just found yet another fuckwit.

Why the hell do so many American women vote for this?!

You know, even if I didn’t hate Todd Aiken on principle, I’d still not want to go near him. The man looks like a serial killer crossed with a child molester.

There are times I’m happy to NOT be American – now being one of them. But with an election coming up where I live, we have our very own misogynist poised to win. So there’s a fun few years for Australian women on the horizon too.

And ha ha, this is my 169th post. Call me immature, but I find the number “69“ to be appropriate for these strangely perverted prudes.

4 thoughts on “How erotica authors feel about rape-detecting lady parts

  1. Honestly, it makes you wonder what planet some people are on!!!!

    • Basia Rose says:

      I’m just… I’m at the point where I have to keep stepping away from the computer and reminding myself there’re probably some men in this world who don’t hate women. They’re just getting harder and harder to find in amongst all the loud and awful voices!

  2. And then they call me crazy. *rolls eyes*
    This world is just beyond help, I’m afraid…

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