Just Read: My Liege of Dark Haven by Cherise Sinclair


30/08/2012 by Basia Rose

I don’t think I need to tell people I loved this book. Most people will. Most people love Cherise Sinclair too, so I don’t need to explain why!

You do not have to read any of the connected books to get the most out of this one. So if that cover has you all excited, just go ahead and read it!

Something I love about Sinclair’s writing is that she always finds something new. It helps immensely that she actually gets involved in the BDSM community, and has either tried out or witnessed a lot of the scenes she writes about. It shows. I love that she writes about such a wide variety of fetishes and… fun… things you can do with (or to!) your partner. Just when you think she’s covered all bases, she comes up with something new.

As I said to her the other day, caught in the throes of fangirly excitement, I loved that the lead character in this book wore glasses. Seems like a silly thing to get excited about, but I can’t remember EVER seeing someone incorporate that into a BDSM novel, and only the day before I read this book I was thinking about it. There’re so many possibilities in BDSM when you take away a person’s ability to see!

I’d like to see more variety in things like that. The only “flaw” any author seems to use in this genre is the “insecure overweight girl meets extremely fit and sexy Dom” trope. Where’s the book about the sub who won’t go out in public because she has a really bad perm? I’d love to read that! (Well, maybe not that…)

There was a forest chase thingy about halfway through the book, and that was one of my favourite parts. It’s not often a book like this can make you laugh out loud and grin like an loony, but Sinclair managed to make me do that. I also got a laugh out of Abby deciding she was a Domme and turning up on her first night at the club dressed accordingly. She was hopeless at it.

Good book.

6 thoughts on “Just Read: My Liege of Dark Haven by Cherise Sinclair

  1. Butterfly says:

    You are fast Miss Basia! (covered my eyes and scrolled down to make a comment, and then changed my mind an read your post. Glad not a lot of spoiler.)
    I love how her characters are all in different body types, ethnic and cultural backgrounds. Like you said it is a good variety.
    the “insecure overweight girl meets extremely fit and sexy Dom” trope–yes that’s my complain too. Lol. Another complain… well I will hold it for now. I should really write about To Command and Collar in my blog… It’s been on my to-do-list forever.

    • Basia Rose says:

      I WAS fast! Because of the time difference I was able to download this pretty early, and be finished with it here in Australia before most Americans got a chance to start.
      I wish there wasn’t always such an imbalance between Dom and sub. I mean, the woman always has all these issues with her body and things, but the Dom in BDSM books is always so perfect. I don’t believe it!

      • Butterfly says:

        I think it is the female readership thing. Authors are catering to the fantasies of the majority.
        In Sinclair’s books Doms do have some problems/issues, but they are so easily solved, always, e.g. how Raoul’s mother and sister forgive and understand him after all these years of misunderstanding and hatred. I was like “no no no” when I came to this section of To Command and Collar.

      • Basia Rose says:

        To Command and Collar could have been longer – maybe – to deal with Raoul’s problems too. I think it was the longest book already (I **think** – it looks like the longest!). So many erotic books are so short these days it’s like there’s only time to deal with ONE of the characters’ issues! I wouldn’t complain if we had more time with the characters!
        And yeah – because women mostly read these things, it’s part of the fantasy. Sometimes heroes spend so much time saying things like, “I HATE attractive, kind, smart, successful women without cellulite, and only like YOU – you’re so perfect because of your faults!” it starts to annoy me. It’s practically a crime in romantic fiction for an appealing man to like an equally appealing woman!
        I guess I don’t really need as much of the fantasy to enjoy a book as some readers do. But what do I know – look how popular Fifty is!

  2. carol says:

    where can you download this book for free???

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