How People Found Me


03/09/2012 by Basia Rose

I’ve resisted doing this until now, but this afternoon my curiosity got the better of me. So I went and looked at how people found my blog.

These were the funniest:

BDSM is stupid – Even if they think that, I bet they had a good look around first!

stupid BDSM

BDSM fail – Not sure what that was about!

epic bdsm fail

kinky cross stitch

olympic ceremony underwhelming

olympic opening ceremony propaganda

olympic bondage – HUH??!!

random kinkiness

claimed by evangeline anderson expert – I think they were looking for excerpts, not experts!! Spelling. It makes a difference.

These were the coolest:

бдсм – People found my blog by searching in Cyrillic!

bdsm bilder – and German!

кенгуру – Kangaroo in Russian??

Then there were good searches:

BDSM – well, duh

Shibari – duh again

Basia Rose – People Google me? I’m famous!

Hello Kitty ball gag – This was the fourth most popular search!

And then there were the searches that made me furious:

women in bdsm are stupid– I think someone who searches for that must have learnt about BDSM through Fifty Shades of Twilight. Because Ana – who managed to get a degree without a computer or even an email address! –  is pretty damn stupid!

cherise sinclair online free and my liege of dark haven pdf and sm 101 a realistic introduction download and to command and collar online ebook and maya bank colters’ promise read online and read online the sweet surrender – banks and read colters promise online and maya banks colter’s promise online

Downloading books illegally is, well, illegal folks. It’s wrong, wrong, wrong. It’s theft, just the same as walking into a shop and stealing something off the shelf. And I certainly don’t link to illegal download sites here!

2 thoughts on “How People Found Me

  1. I’ll see those and raise you “belly button squirm.”

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