Grumbling and complaining!


08/09/2012 by Basia Rose

The Kindle book I am reading is full of so many spelling mistakes and wrong words that I’m seriously considering returning it.

I don’t like doing that, but the quality is so poor, even though it apparently went through at least some sort of quality control with a (small) publisher.

The first line of the second paragraph (on page one!) has there instead of their. Every time the author meant to type to, she put too.

I also have some issues with characters meeting in a vanilla situation and talking to each other about genitals and spanking within a minute. Not realistic guys.

Butterfly pointed me in the direction of this. Labelling classical music with enormous Fifty Shades of Twilight stickers is infuriating. Even more infuriating is that they replaced the professional review on Amazon with a quote from the author of Fifty Shades of Twilight. Apparently bad fanfiction is not only the only way to make the masses read, it is the only way to get people to listen to something better than 50 Cent.

This world is getting dumber by the second.

Now I’m off to eat a very stereotypically Australian pie someone just bought for me. It’s lunchtime here. Must nearly be time to drown my sorrows in champagne.

3 thoughts on “Grumbling and complaining!

  1. The world is at an end…

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