Condom Advertisement


13/09/2012 by Basia Rose

Holding the #2 spot on my list of “Things I NEVER Want To Experience” is: meeting Jack the Ripper in a dark alley.

The #1 worst thing for me would be producing offspring. Sorry to the parents out there (someone has to do the hard work, and I appreciate it!), but the desire to push squirming, screaming creatures out of my body is not something I’ve ever felt! I’m probably defective, but I’ve come to terms with that!

So – in my opinion – this both the most annoying ad ever made, AND the most effective condom ad in the history of television.

4 thoughts on “Condom Advertisement

  1. I loved that add, it’s hilarious!
    Offspring doesn’t attract me very much either, mostly because I would
    A) Never do to myself what my mother did to herself when she got me
    B) Never want to set anyone up with my genetic heritage

    • Basia Rose says:

      I have a couple of things I wouldn’t want to pass on. But it’s never been an issue for me because I really don’t like or want children!

      • Well yeah, I can’t really imagine being a mother either… I can imagine situations though in which “having children” would be awesome (I could train them to be terrifying little psychopaths), but the whole 24h responsibility thing is not really my piece of cake…

      • Basia Rose says:

        I know someone who nearly had kids just so they could look after her when she was older!
        Luckily, she changed her mind.

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