Homophobia Continued


28/09/2012 by Basia Rose

Okay, continuing in my rant about homophobic morons in Australia, I bring you this.

But it’s not just gay people he’s going after. He wants to pretty much ban sex – especially anything other than heterosexual missionary sex – for everyone!

And, am I imagining things, or is it always this kind of person who ends up being arrested for sex crimes?!

Outlaw gay sex, but no ‘poofter bashing’

A candidate for next month’s ACT election has called for gay sex to be  outlawed and for the right to discriminate against homosexuals.

And independent candidate for the Molonglo electorate Philip Pocock also  wants to see “rules” against sex before marriage, infidelity and divorce.

Mr Pocock has told the Archdiocese of Canberra and Goulburn that most  politicians are either inadequate to enforce “legitimate sexual expression” or  they are addicted to “distortions of sexuality.”

But the would-be politician and consultant psychologist stopped short of  condoning violence against gays, saying that nobody had the right to engage in “poofter bashing”.

Mr Pocock made his remarks in a response to a questionnaire sent by the  church to candidates and parties contesting the election.

In the section canvassing the politicians’ positions in the marriage debate,  Mr Pocock declared that “a true  ‘union’ only occurs in heterosexual  vaginal intercourse and homosexual unions not only deserve no special rights but  must be seen as the destructive behaviours that should be actively  discouraged.”

“I believe sodomy of man or woman should be regarded as a criminal offence  and while people do not have the right to go ‘poofter bashing’, to use  colloquial language, they should have the right to discriminate in terms of  employment, accommodation etc as they do in dealing with drug addicts etc,” Mr  Pocock wrote.

The candidate said that sexuality should not be left to individuals but  regulated by the state and that many politicians were inadequate for the job or  they themselves were indulging themselves sexually.

“It is not something that should just be left to individuals, in the privacy  of their bedroom, and this is merely a position put by many politicians, even  those of good will, who feel inadequate to deal with these issues while others,  who, through ignorance, indulge themselves sexually, obviously have no intent of  denying their addiction and will continue to sell out the innocent,” Mr Pocock  wrote.

The political hopeful and former Commonwealth public servant, also provide  the church with his set of “rules for legitimate sexual expression.”

“Rules for legitimate sexual expression that are most protective of  individual wellbeing would therefore be: no sex before marriage, marriage must  be freely entered into by a man and a woman, however the arrangements came into  being,” Mr Pocock wrote.

“Marriage is for life, no extramarital sex, no remarriage until one of the  partners has died.”

Mr Pocock told the archdiocese that his views were “based on biology and  psychological observations” but provided passages of scripture that he said  backed his views.

12 thoughts on “Homophobia Continued

  1. Is it wrong of me to point out that his name is Pock? Here people would tease hime about having a Po’ (poor) cock, doth. In the case of the man with the lacking cock, I say: Thou doth protest, too much. Plus, he should give sodomy a try 😉

    • Basia Rose says:

      It’s right, absolutely! I actually had a giggle with my PARENTS about the **cock** in his name!
      What is so shocking about all of this is that the part of Australia it happened in is the most liberal in the country. I guess every place has its rats.

  2. Ugh, auto correct ;(….Pocock

  3. WTF!!!!!
    That man, and all those like him make me want to kill very badly. Really, this sort of things makes me consider my own morals “high standard”, and that says something. Who the fuck does he think he is that he can say sex should be state-regulated? Is this Orwell’s 1984?

  4. Ana says:

    Wow…how about if we ban people from trying to make silly rules?

    Though don’t anyone kid yourself, homophobia (especially anti-M/M) is alive and well in many aspects of the spanko world. I get some of it as an F/F writer, but those who are M/M find it much, much harder. F/F can be seen as a show for men to watch (ugh!) but M/M…well, according to some people that is just wrong.

    • Basia Rose says:

      That (sadly) doesn’t surprise me. I have seen it expressed (in a veiled sort of way) on more than one Domestic Discipline site. That probably has a lot to do with the fact many still base their spanking on the Bible…

      • Ana says:

        And often in not at all a veiled way. I am not sure which is more frustrating. It’s not just limited to DD, either. I have been trying to find an M/M author to feature in my Fika, and all I can say is wow!! Very hard to find. There are places where it is banned outright, and I’m talking in the non-DD spanko world.

      • Basia Rose says:

        Well that makes absolutely no sense to me!

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