28/09/2012 by Basia Rose

Generally, in Australia we pride ourselves in our attitudes towards homosexuality. We’re not leading the world in gay rights by any means (though there’re some parts of the country that keep trying and trying to legalise gay marriage and other equal rights), but we’re doing better than many places.

So I was completely shocked today to come across a city news magazine with this letter to the editor (I’m showing some of the offensive parts – not all of it, because it’s too long!).

‘Disservice’ to gays

Moore pontificates about same-sex marriage but skirts over the serious health dangers of homosexuality practices. In contrast, Wallace quoted studies that showed that homosexuality threatens lifespans…

…Indeed, Moore may have done a disservice to gays by covering up the truth about the dangers of homosexuality practices when he should have known, as a long-ago health minister, of those dangers.

(The letter was written by Greg O’Regan – yes, he deserves to be named and shamed!)

So basically, Mr O’Regan believes that “homosexuality practices” – and what the hell does that mean? The Catholic way of saying sex?! – can literally kill you. A man and a woman have sex – anal sex, oral sex, anything – and they’re fine? But if two men do exactly the same thing, they’ll die?

This blog post has no point other than that I didn’t realise we had Mitt Romneys in Australia. Apparently we do.

3 thoughts on “Homophobia

  1. It’s too bad we can’t put this douche & Romney on a plane together, and let Mitt roll down the window on the plane. Sadly, there are idiots all over the globe. I have NEVER disliked a politicians spouse, but I HATE Ann Romney. She has MS (multiple sclerosis) like I do, except I got it at 17 and she was a grown ass woman. She had the audacity to say she was so embarrassed by it, that she tried to burn all of the pictures of her when it was acting up. Meanwhile, I went to my prom BALD!!! My 11 & 14 yr old daughters were both really disgusted by what she said; it’s really sad that two children can say her ignorance, but she can’t….SMDH.

    • Basia Rose says:

      Of course I haven’t seen as much of Ann Romney as people in America have, but whenever she’s on TV I am terrified of her! She acts like she’s in a cult or something (but then, I guess she is!).
      I really hate how she – and everyone else there – uses her personal things as “issues” that might get them elected. It’s like they aren’t even human.

  2. Brr… It’s terrible how homophobia still grows and blisters, even under the radar. I don’t think any country is free of Mitt Romney types…

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