The Game Plan by Breanna Hayse

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10/10/2012 by Basia Rose

The Game Plan

After the passing of her mother Cassie grows tired of living under the thumb of her three stepbrothers, and she decides to press for independence, asserting her obstinate and willful disposition and defying all rules laid out for her.

When Bill goes to Japan for three months on business, Cassie’s eldest stepbrother, Rob, is left in charge. He decides that a change to the “Game Plan” is in order and that it will start with a trip over his knee for a bare bottom spanking! Rob’s interest in Cassie goes far beyond just curbing her naughty behaviour, however. He wants much, much more from her.

Cassie’s fantasy of having a life free from control is soon shattered. Bryon, her second oldest stepbrother, adds some firm-handed discipline of his own, and Cassie soon discovers the secret shared by the two brothers. Both are involved in the D&S scene, and both want to make Cassie part of their lifestyle. The stubborn young woman soon finds herself facing more than just an old-fashioned, over the knee, bare-bottom spanking. She quickly learns that humiliation and submission can lead to the healing of a long-broken and hardened heart.

My “I’ll just download the sample, and then read this when I’m done with my work” turned into “I’ll just read the sample, and buy the book”, which turned into “I’ll just read the first few chapters”, which turned into “I’ll read the whole book and feel tired in the morning”!

I really, really, really liked this book, even with the super-bratty lead character. It was ageplay done in a way I loved, and – surprisingly – all of the Domestic Discipline, polyamorous, BDSM, D/s, M/s Daddy Dom, and every other element… they all worked together really well. I don’t know how the author pulled it off!

Cassie is the world’s biggest brat, but I somehow even liked that aspect of the book.

If there’s something I would complain about it’s that every Blushing Books publication I’ve read has had terrible editing. Don’t they have any editors there who could pick up on the difference between peek-peak-pique, for example? Additionally, I dislike seeing numbers written like this: 12-30-60 in prose. They should be expressed as twelve-thirty-sixty.

However, this is one talented author. I lost count of how many times she managed to make me smile and laugh, even in punishment situations!

There’s a sequel, which I intend to start reading in – oh – about half an hour.

Highly recommended for anyone into pretty much any kind of kink.

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