Friday lunchtime, and here’s my week so far

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12/10/2012 by Basia Rose

* I wanted to link to a bunch of blogs to follow, but WordPress is being weird, and I can’t open a lot of pages – including my Reader and my Blogs I Follow page! Stupid site. I’ll try again tomorrow.

* Today is the tenth anniversary of the Bali Bombings.

* I have been reading so many ageplay books I think I need to stop! Here’s what I’ve read in recent days (when I was supposed to be typing!):

The Game Plan by Breanna Hayse

Time Out by Breanna Hayse

The Doctor’s Favorite Patient by Sara Tyr

Trouble comes in Threes by Laylah Roberts

Ally and Jake: An Ageplay Story by Laylah Roberts

* Speaking of typing, I accidentally saved a document without saving four-thousand words last night! After a bit of swearing, I took to Google, and discovered this:

How To Recover An Unsaved MS Word 2010 Document In Seconds

I’m sure most people already knew about that, but I sure didn’t!

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