Australia: Are you a misogynist? You’re more than welcome here.


28/11/2012 by Basia Rose

It’s less than an hour until Thursday here in Australia, and my heart hurts. We have had so much sexism blasted at Australian women in the last 24 hours, I just want Wednesday erased from my memory.

I also want to ask the average man why he hates women so much (unfortunately, I need to ask all conservative women too). Here are some of the latest dramas:

Campese slammed over sexist tweet

Giulia with a G rejects ‘nagging’ feminism

Controversial farm succession plan

(I should point out that – in Australia – the “Liberal Party” is actually our conservative party. Yes, they’re that stupid, they don’t know the meaning of “liberal”.)

5 thoughts on “Australia: Are you a misogynist? You’re more than welcome here.

  1. I hope you know that there are some men, self included that champion the role and chosen identities and life-style of women. As a Women’s Rights Activist, I work on a regular basis to address the needs and areas that have been identified as discriminatory towards women. The issues you noted are problems or concerns in many countries and as long as men with an inherent sense of family and workplace continue to tarnish equality, this discrimination unfortunately will continue. Ours is to speak up and continue the dialogue to at least try to reach the generations that are growing up. I stand with you and your choices and issues today.

    • Basia Rose says:

      Thank you! It has been horrible here today. I couldn’t bother Googling all the stories, but there have been half a dozen or so making the headlines in Australia. And then you go to comment on a story, only to find a hundred people have already had their say, saying something along the lines of, “Whinging women need to shut up. The PC police have gone too far. Sexism doesn’t exist.”
      It hurts very badly to know you’re fighting against something so many people (and Australians are very sexist) believe is an imaginary issue. Knowing the men in your own – supposedly progressive – family think the word “feminist” is dirty!

  2. Re the farming article, the four brothers all married “slightly different women”? That just cracked me up. As for the rest, sigh.

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