The Toybag Guide to Age Play by Lee Harrington

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29/11/2012 by Basia Rose

Ageplay is not for everyone, but I have an ever-growing obsession with this particular kinky niche.

As anyone will tell you, this has nothing to do with paedophilia, but rather it is about recreating roles represented by people of different ages and relationships.

I have the Kindle edition of The Toybag Guide to Age Play, and I’ve got to say, it is really annoying that there is no contents page. Everybody knows flipping pages on a Kindle takes for bloody ever, and it’s a rare person who wants to read a nonfiction, instructional book from start to finish, in order.

There’s plenty of information here for people trying to understand how they might fit into ageplay, and the book gives a good overview of different scenes and situations people could participate in.

I really, really dislike the use of terms like “Kidz” and “Boyz”, and they’re used extensively in this book. It’s just a personal thing; this isn’t a boy band!

So, overall, not a bad book, but not the easiest to read as an ebook!

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