Bait-and-Switch in Domestic Discipline?


11/12/2012 by Basia Rose

The insanity from a couple of months ago seems to have calmed down a little, so here I am writing a little blog post again.

The plan was to post a funny (at least I think so!) BDSM Christmas shopping list, but it’s night here now and I have a headache and I feel too lazy to track everything down.

So instead I’m going to complain.


There’s a very popular Domestic Discipline site – network, really – that I have mentioned numerous times in the past. I guess most people who have looked into DD online would have at least heard of it. Originally I thought the place was great, as it provided a comprehensive guide for getting into this kind of lifestyle.

Now they’ve launched a new website and forums, and I’m rethinking things. Because something I have suspected all along (largely because of their blind support of Mr Binders Full of Women during the US elections) has been confirmed: these people are crazy Christians.

Don’t get me wrong; I’m a Christian, but not in the evangelical American sense, and I don’t actually practice my religion – it’s just what I was born into.

But this big new DD network that’s starting up? Horrifies me. These people have also put a DD guide up for sale on Amazon, and in the blurb they fail to mention the fact the book is Christian DD. Any reviews pointing out that major fact have been voted down and into oblivion, as so often happens to honest Amazon book reviews.


Here are a few things I got out of reading through the Christian DD forums last night:

  • There’re a lot of people ‘accidentally’ getting off on this stuff. One woman was embarrassed that spanking turned her on. Another woman pointed her in the direction of a Bible verse that ‘explained’ why women get turned on when their husbands spanked them. Yes, ladies and gentlemen. These people believe the Bible tells you it’s okay to orgasm over spanking! I suppose you can find twisted meanings everywhere in that magical book, if you’re determined enough! (This confuses me, because I thought the wives weren’t meant to be enjoying it…)
  • One woman – in the same post she discussed all the religious study her husband makes her do – also said her punishment for refusing him sex in any situation was ‘forced painful sex’. Sounds a hell of a lot like rape to me.
  • It is VERY common to pray together before a spanking. No matter how I try to approach that concept, it sounds sick to me. Make it about consensual power exchange; don’t act like the husband is acting on some higher calling! Oh we must pray for the stupid woman, who can’t control herself without the power of God!
  • Bible/scripture study for a set amount of time per week is a common ‘rule’. The wife doesn’t spend enough time reading her Bible? She gets her arse paddled.
  • A lot of people in Christian DD are doing it because the Church teaches them this is the right way to be, and that women shouldn’t ever be equal to or more powerful than men.


So, look, I’m sorry – well, sort of sorry – to the folks running this DD network, but you’ve lost me. No doubt you’ve lost a few people. I feel like you performed a bait-and-switch on us by passing yourself off as regular Joes who didn’t mind some spanking, and then suddenly opening a can of religious insanity. I think it’s reprehensible to use the Bible as an excuse to beat your spouse, because it sure as hell isn’t the same thing as kinky people who are doing it of their own free will.

But – as I said on Twitter the other day – I do also find it hilarious that people are praying before they spank. I don’t know how it can be done with a straight face.

Come on guys! Just admit you’re kinky and start having fun!


2 thoughts on “Bait-and-Switch in Domestic Discipline?

  1. Tsss. Religion is the only socially accepted mental illness, that’s what I think.

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