17/01/2013 by Basia Rose

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Just had a pizza with a bunch of people. An episode of Seinfeld was on.

One of the characters was cuffed to a bed in a hotel room, and everything about the scene was downright wrong, and – naturally – I got all worked up about it and started explaining why it was stupid. If they’d gone ahead with the scene (which, of course, they wouldn’t, because it was Seinfeld!), the guy would have had a nasty injury or two.

I also got mad because – come on! – adding a set of handcuffs to a scene isn’t exactly funny (it’s been done to death anyway), or innovative. It sure as hell isn’t kinky if the characters do nothing other than… hold a set of handcuffs. Even the missionary-style religious lunatics couldn’t be turned-on by that!

A few seconds into my rant I realised:

‘Regular vanilla people here, Basia. Shut up!’

Secrets are difficult.

We’re having something of a massive, record-breaking heatwave in these parts, but hopefully I’ll have a book review or two up on here by the end of the weekend. Hopefully…

2 thoughts on “Cuffed

  1. Urgh, yeah… They apparently think handcuffs (or worse: a scarf) are THE way to kink up a sex scene. It’s kind of pathetic. If only they’d let me write their sex scenes xD
    And yes indeed, secrets suck.

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