What I learnt this week


01/02/2013 by Basia Rose

  • Apparently this picture contains ‘nudity’ – or so Pinterest told me. Surprising how I can’t check my update feed on that site without being blasted with hardcore pornography, but three people fully clothed is offensive!


orgy cakes

  • You can eat pasta for breakfast and dinner every day for a week and the world doesn’t end.
  • We are having our Australian election in September. I’ve known it was coming, but announcing the date is scary. Because it means we’re one step closer to having this pigheaded misogynist as our Prime Minister:

Tony Abbott Misogynist

Yes, that’s him proudly standing in front of signs calling our current Prime
Minister a bitch and a witch. Women definitely need someone like him running
the country!

  • When Amazon says something will be done within twelve hours, don’t stay up waiting for it. What they really mean is 16-20 hours, so you might as well go to sleep rather than waiting until sunrise for nothing to happen!
  • Over a long weekend of celebrations (it was Australia Day), I was sacrilegious and actually decided I’d had enough wine. And POURED SOME DOWN THE SINK!
  • The Smashwords Style Guide is a confusing mess that needs to be simplified… and shortened by about 100 pages. Take a leaf out of Amazon’s book guys! It took me seven – yes, SEVEN goes to get my document approved by the silly Smashwords Premium Catalogue! On the plus side, I think I’ve got it figured out for next time…
  • If you’re not American, trying to wade through American tax stuff is enough to give you nightmares. I’m almost tempted to let them take 30% of my money, just to avoid them!

4 thoughts on “What I learnt this week

  1. Thank you so much for sharing the orgy cakes… Those just have to be featured on my blog too xD

  2. Butterfly Joy says:

    lol. lovely orgy cakes, but I think the only butt cake in the collection isn’t round enough lol. Cake decoration is another dream of mine. Now I have another reason to learn it.
    You poured wine down the sink?? Sigh, I wish I were there to catch the drips.

    • Basia Rose says:

      There’re so many possibilities for BDSM cakes. 🙂 Could be fun – with the right people. 😉
      A week later, and now I’m mad at myself for pouring wine down the sink. It seemed like a good idea at the time!

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