Don’t blame the Bible?


22/02/2013 by Basia Rose

Bible Bigot

This graphic was posted on the Being Liberal page on Facebook (and oh how it’s hard to identify as ‘liberal’ – in Australia the ‘Liberal Party’ is our conservative party!).

Anyway, this picture was not in relation to BDSM – obviously! – but it got me thinking all the same.

Here’s the thing: I criticise it to pieces, but if you saw my census form, you’d see I identify as Christian. That doesn’t mean I necessarily believe in all the fairy-tale floating in the sky and burning in hell and Jesus roaming with dinosaurs and burning of women who insist the earth isn’t flat, but I am Christian.

In Australia, people don’t use ‘I’m a Christian’ as a battle cry to make legislation against women’s rights, and I do not know a single person who could quote scripture. Despite the fact I am often hounded by lunatics from America’s Bible Belt online, I don’t see any reason why you can’t be Christian at the same time as practicing BDSM or any kind of kink. After all, it’s the purest of Christians who seem to be the most enthusiastic about their special brand of Domestic Discipline!

I know a guy here in Australia who was once training to be a priest. Now he is involved in the kink community. He’s a Dom. He will not use anything in his play that resembles a religious object. No St. Andrew’s Crosses, for example. But – like me – he doesn’t see sexual expression or power exchanges as anti-Christian.

St. Andrews' Cross

Even from down here in the Southern Hemisphere I found the US elections exhausting. The endless push and pull of sensible versus crazy, Bible versus common sense. I hate that the loonies think they have sole ownership of religion. I’m not sure how human bodies are built for sex, and yet we’re supposed to never do it, unless we’re populating for Jesus.

Now we have the world speculating about a new Pope. And their #1 concern seems to be about who is and how people are having sex. One of the top contenders is following in the footsteps of the current Pope, and believes that human rights and morality need to be separated. Like the current guy, he believes homosexuals are immoral, and therefore deserve to be executed. They support Uganda’s ‘kill the gays’ policy.

Pope Benedict XVI has given his blessing to Rebecca Kadaga, Speaker of the Ugandan Parliament, who has promised to pass the country’s notorious anti-gay “kill the gays” bill as a “Christmas gift” to the Ugandan people.

I grew up in a society where your religion is your own business, and you don’t make it anybody else’s. I might go to church on a Sunday every so often, but that doesn’t have anything to do with anybody else. And I’m kinda sick of the very NOT-Christian ‘Christians’ taking it upon themselves to be the moral police for people online who might express an interest in kink!

2 thoughts on “Don’t blame the Bible?

  1. Thanks for an interesting discussion. Why do you think many religious people think of bdsm practitioners as perverted? Religion involves a lot if violence: crusades, jihad, et cetera. Maybe it’s the sexual aspect? Some versions of religion seem to have a tortured relationship with sexuality.

    • Basia Rose says:

      If there’s a passage in the Bible banning BDSM, I sure haven’t ever heard of it! I do find it extraordinary that so many people turn a blind eye to the bad parts of their religion…
      It seems that the more religious a person considers themselves to be, the more obsessed they are with sex. It’s absolutely disgraceful that controlling what people do behind closed doors – consensually – is such a big concern for the super-religious!
      What I’d like to see is Christianity doing more good and spending less time trying to prevent people from being happy. 😦

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