A Public Service Announcement


05/03/2013 by Basia Rose


I’m not in love with the wording of the sentence, but you get the idea!


My message for the week:

People of the internet (or men, in this particular case): PLEASE don’t send me (or any other woman) anonymous messages telling me about your erection. I’m begging you!

Sure, good for you and your willy for being excited about the world. But just because I write about erotic things doesn’t mean I’m interesting in everybody’s erotic thingies!

2 thoughts on “A Public Service Announcement

  1. I used to get this weirdness all the time. I changed my FB page pic to a koala and that helped tremendously. No kidding. I may do that for twitter as well. I love how the guys write as though they want to be “friends” then dive right into it…. No sense of timing. 🙂

    Love your blogs, by the way.

    • Basia Rose says:

      Thank you! 🙂 🙂
      I used to blog a lot more often, but there were a few creeps who kept leaving me messages, and every time I turned up online messages would start appearing in my inbox. I’ve backed away a bit since then.
      I’d be really worried if the messages kept coming for a koala!

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