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18/03/2013 by Basia Rose

Hello world. I’ve been sick, and not online for a bit. It wasn’t like I was dying or anything, but I went through all my medication and had to get a second round. Now I’m still sniffy and sore-throaty, and even though it’s not winter yet, it has been cold enough that woolly socks and cuddly clothes have seemed very appealing!

the hayley chronicles laylah roberts

Through all of this, my mind has been on books by Darla Phelps and Laylah Roberts, and I realised that not only was I in the mood to reread them, I was also in a state of mind where ageplay seemed like heaven. Who doesn’t want someone taking over and being boss and taking care when you feel down? 🙂 Actually, I’m sure plenty of people don’t want that…

daddy's girl darla phelps

I also realised I haven’t reviewed these books, so that’s a job for the coming few weeks.

In other news, the weekend newspaper had a feature on kinky clothes. I wanted to read it, if only to be annoyed by the clichés and inaccuracies, but someone who will remain unnamed took offence and threw it away! Because risqué clothes might corrupt my innocent mind, you know!

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