Ally and Jake: An Ageplay Story by Laylah Roberts

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16/04/2013 by Basia Rose

Ally should be ecstatic. She has a gorgeous husband who loves her, plenty of friends, and a business that is doing well.  Nonetheless, her husband, Jake, can tell something is bothering her.

Ally and Jake have been together for a year now, but there are still parts of herself she’s been keeping hidden from him, particularly her issues with her body and eating.  Jake has been patient with Ally up to now, realising that she carries emotional scars from a previous, abusive relationship. But when he finds out she’s been skipping meals, he decides enough is enough and gets her to open herself up and reveal all her past pain.
As Ally grows more confident in their relationship she finds herself trusting Jake more and more, and she learns that he would never hurt her, no matter how naughty she is. Of course the fact that he loves her doesn’t save her bottom from some sound spankings.

Ally and Jake An Ageplay Story by Laylah Roberts

If I have a guilty-pleasure genre, it would be ageplay books. I just love them, mainly for the caring that is essential for a relationship of this type.

Ally and Jake is a spinoff of Laylah Roberts’ Haley Chronicles stories. The two characters in this book feature pretty heavily in the Hayley stories, and it’s so much fun reading about their relationship in more detail in this one. I actually read this book first.

Ageplay is not a new lifestyle to either character in this book, but for both of them their past relationships ended very badly. They now live together in a community that was created exclusively for people involved in the lifestyle, though recently both have been busy and they have been neglecting that aspect of their marriage.

I don’t really know what to say about this book other than that I love it and reread it every so often. The author really captures the loving and caring – and disciplining! – that’s necessary for this kind of lifestyle. Regardless of whether or not this kind of thing appeals to you, it’s hard not to be a little envious of what these two characters have together.

One strange thing is that the two lead characters of the Haley stories are in this book quite a lot, but Sean, Haley’s husband, is called Seth in this book! It’s strange, and I think ‘Sean’ suits him much better!

Laylah Roberts is a wonderful writer. If this is your kind of genre, you should definitely read her books.

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