Heterosexual Awareness Month?!


18/04/2013 by Basia Rose

So, congratulations to New Zealand for passing a marriage equality bill and shame on those American gun-huggers who value their toys over human life.

Then you have pages like this one. I probably shouldn’t be giving them publicity, but they’re so ridiculous! Heterosexual Awareness Month?! Isn’t that like English Language Awareness month? These things. Are not going anywhere.

“Heterosexual Awareness Month is a month-long (July) annual observance of straight people and our growing struggle.”

At the time I took this screenshot, the top post was about a man having sex with dolphins. It disgusts me that homophobes insist on comparing homosexuality to bestiality and incest. If you want to go on over and give them a piece of your mind, go ahead. But I hear they’re banning anyone who disagrees with them (big surprise there).

Gay Marriage

One thought on “Heterosexual Awareness Month?!

  1. […] was going to type something about how “Heterosexual Awareness Month” has now concluded, but it looks like – thankfully – the popular Facebook group was pulled down. […]

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