“Back to Basics: What is Erotic Romance?”


10/05/2013 by Basia Rose

Check out Back to Basics: What is Erotic Romance?

Basia Rose Hidden Command BDSM Romance

I really like this article. There IS a difference between erotica and erotic romance, but in the past few years everyone has got confused.

There’re Amazon forums for both genres, but since The Series That Shall Not Be Named, the Erotica forum has been totally spammed with threads asking for ‘books with heroes like The Douchebag Who Shall Not Be Named’.

I’m seeing so many people give true erotica – very well-written erotica – one star reviews because they wanted a happy ending (uhm… that’s what erotic romance is for).

We need more articles like this!

3 thoughts on ““Back to Basics: What is Erotic Romance?”

  1. I feel badly for erotica and erotic romance authors who get bad ratings from the self-righteous who have no business reading these genres then vilifying authors for their writing. It’s sad. Erotica authors are such an easy target it seems. Thanks for reposting this!

    • Basia Rose says:

      There have been so many times since That Series went mainstream that I’ve wanted to scream (in CAPS) at someone online! So much unfairness directed at talented authors who committed the crime of writing in their genre instead of catering to what more mainstream readers think their genre is…

  2. Sami Lee says:

    Thanks for posting the link Basia. Seems I’m constantly having to explain the differences to people.

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