Oh, the things I’ve missed!


26/06/2013 by Basia Rose


Hey now, what happened last week? I log back on and find Clint and Chelsea from Learning Domestic Discipline made the misguided (I think) decision to give an interview about their lifestyle. Which of course was written up just as you would expect the mainstream media to deal with it. Mixed in with it was a lot of misunderstanding about the lifestyle portrayed in The Book Series That Shall Not Be Named.

No, BDSM and Christian Domestic Discipline do not equal the same thing!

I don’t know what the DD community was expecting by going public, but I could have told them it wouldn’t have gone well!

Now there’re articles AllOverTheInternet. A brand new term has popped up: Spanking for Jesus. It’s the new Mommy Porn.

I don’t even know what to say. I’ve made my thoughts about Spanking for Jesus very clear since starting this blog, so I won’t go over them again.

I guess I’m mostly shocked by the naïveté of people thinking the mainstream media would do anything other than ridicule DD (I can’t say I’m thrilled about people wielding the Bible as an excuse to beat on their wives, but I see a big difference between regular DD and religion-based varieties).  Didn’t they learn anything from the way The Book Series That Shall Not Be Named gave the world a reason to laugh at BDSM?!

One thought on “Oh, the things I’ve missed!

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