Picture sites hate me

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20/07/2013 by Basia Rose

I’ve spent as much (maybe more) time this week searching through the options on Getty Images as I have doing anything productive. I’m looking for a few images to work with in Photoshop for an upcoming cover.

I don’t remember having any trouble before, but this time…

My usual problem is the fact everyone is smiling at the camera with these giant, fake, too-white teeth. It’s creepy and inappropriate.

But this time I have a much bigger problem, which I have to show you via pictures.

Here are the two guys I used on the cover of my ménage book For Keeps:

 Basia Rose For Keeps Men

I needed two men this time too, so I went through the same search process. I limited the search to a gender, age range, position etc. I unchecked the ‘hide nudity’ box (not that I want pictures of penises on my cover, but if you leave that box checked you end up with lots of pictures of men in 400 layers of clothing).

And then I sat back and waited for the good pictures to come rolling in.

But instead of the kind of guys you see above, these are the kind of pictures the search function has been throwing up at me this time:



Horrible! Stupid! Why does Getty Images hate me so much now??!!

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