Has it finished?


03/09/2013 by Basia Rose

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This time last year I was picking up followers all over the place, but especially on Pinterest, all with screen names like “Christian Grey”, “Mrs Grey” and “Fifty Shades of (insert one of a million different cutesy words here)”.

But now… I think it’s finished.

I don’t mean BDSM fiction is done, but the “tourists” (as people in the kink community call them) seem to have petered out, or else they’ve fallen totally silent. Now when I get new followers, they’re people who actually live the lifestyle, or who have much wider (and no doubt freakier for temporary BDSM fans) interests when it comes to kink.

As far as I can tell, two more book fads have had their moments in the past year: the general billionaire craze, no doubt spawned by the Mr Grey thing. Followed by the New Adult craze: books about a tattooed guy who beats the crap out of everyone and stalks a girl he marries in the epilogue.

Maybe I’m out of the loop (and I HAVE been out of the loop for the past few months), but it seems like erotic fiction is back to business as usual. No more articles ridiculing the lifestyle. No more news stories completely unrelated to kink that reference “Fifty” or “Shades” or both. No more awkward conversations with family members who think anybody with an interest in kink needs to be repeatedly burned at the stake and then shot eighty-six times.

Normality has been restored. And I like it. 🙂 🙂

4 thoughts on “Has it finished?

  1. I agree, the craze seems to have passed over. Although I still find a disconcerting amount of non-literary, non-kink items and stores using the term “Fifty shades of…” in real life… Which always makes me sigh and roll my eyes xD

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