Ageplay Recommendations

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02/10/2013 by Basia Rose

I saw an online discussion about a week ago where everyone was saying ageplay is the new popular kink in erotic romance.

Do I believe this? Not yet! Even though *I* love ageplay, I know it’s a major turnoff to some people. A lot of people even mention paedophilia when they talk about it (which is totally wrong!).

But on the other hand there’s something very appealing about a kinky relationship that not only includes the discipline aspect, but lots and lots of caring. That’s where the appeal is for me.

If it’s true, and ageplay is the big new thing, then I have some recommendations for you. I hope I can find some more.

Daddy’s Girl by Darla Phelps

daddy's girl darla phelps

The Haley Chronicles by Laylah Roberts

the hayley chronicles laylah roberts

Ally and Jake: An Ageplay Story by Laylah Roberts

Ally and Jake An Ageplay Story by Laylah Roberts

The Game Plan by Breanna Hayse


Time Out by Breanna Hayse


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