Divide and Conquer

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16/10/2013 by Basia Rose

A petition to sign.

I don’t know what the result of all of this book censorship is going to be (some links below), but one thing I never anticipated was the reaction WITHIN the erotica/erotic romance community.

There’s a popular saying in the BDSM community: “Your kink is not my kink, and that’s okay.”

In other words, you’ll support people, even if it really isn’t your thing.

I expected that to be the reaction when Amazon and Kobo started pulling authors’ books from their catalogues, and in many (maybe most) cases, this is what happened.

But I’ve been really upset by some reactions I’ve come across in the past twenty-four hours.

Like popular book website Dear Author – the people who usually take a holier-than-thou attitude to supporting author freedom – who seemed to be CELEBRATING what is going on.

And the Erotica group moderator on Goodreads who told me it was all only rumours and I shouldn’t be talking about it (here’s a tip: try visiting this wonderful, informative site and checking on some facts, because 12 802 people – and growing – know it’s true).

Also the erotic romance authors who claim they don’t care that ageplay books are being pulled, because they don’t like that kind of thing. You know what? I don’t understand why someone would want to put on a bridle and trot around pulling someone in a carriage, but when Amazon starts pulling pony play books from their shelves, I’m sure as hell going to stand up for those authors!

I’m probably jinxing myself, but so far my books are safe. But you bet I’m going to fight this, because censorship should be an issue for everyone. Smug, self-congratulatory comments from authors and readers who haven’t suffered so far are horrible.

Even people who hate the Fifty Shades series were happy that all things erotic had finally started making it into discussions. That the books had opened a lot of doors. All I’m seeing at the moment is doors closing, and I have to wonder if it’s backlash against kink’s newfound popularity that’s doing it.

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