The book banning drama.


30/10/2013 by Basia Rose

Indie Reader has a good post that both explains what happened with the banning of self-published books and also why EVERYONE should be worried about it.

I haven’t been following the mess as closely in the past week, but it’s still a good and informative read.

A media attack on erotica quickly spun out of control, shutting down book stores and wiping some indie authors off the face of the internet. Below, we recount the sequence of events wreaking havoc across the publishing industry.

Read on at the link. It presents a great case for why people should always check their facts!

2 thoughts on “The book banning drama.

  1. kdaddy23 says:

    I read the article… and I’m just floored over how this just snowballed out of control and I’m not really sure I understand why all this banning was taking place – did we somehow fall through a wormhole and wound up a few hundred years in the past?

    That this would happen is just amazing and along the lines of those people who have something against prayer in school or have issues because our Pledge of Allegiance has the word “God” in it. It’s pretty scary, too, that someone has a voice powerful enough to start a mass censoring of indie erotica on major book sites while leaving mainstream stuff that some might find ‘offensive’ on the shelves and available for all to purchase – and I think that stuff Amazon was doing – banning books, bringing them back, and then banning them again is just crazy.

    How this is allowed to happen in the first place mystifies me… but in our history, banning books that went against the status quo is always in fashion with groups of people taking it upon themselves to decide what’s decent to read and what isn’t.

    It just sucks…

    • Basia Rose says:

      It’s terrifying that one stupid article – a terribly researched article – on a site I’d never heard of before can cause this. In the UK, it wasn’t just erotic books that were pulled; it was every self-published book. Even sweet, Christian stories written for teens. But considering the current extremist government in Britain, it sadly isn’t all that much of a surprise.

      What annoys the crap out of me is that the people crying the loudest about erotica are usually the people who buy their kindergarteners violent video games where they have to shoot prostitutes. The dysfunctional attitudes to sexuality are hypocrisy at its worst.

      As far as I know nothing has happened to my books so far. But my covers and blurbs are subtle compared to most…

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