Those Goodreads Choice Awards

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11/11/2013 by Basia Rose



Every year – before the end of the year – Goodreads holds its annual popularity contest (erm, ‘Awards’). And – like every year – they have a bunch of ‘intellectual’ categories hardly anybody is interested in, and then lump all romantic and women’s fiction into one single category, totally ignoring the fact romance outsells all the other genres combined.

We all know Goodreads staffers will never listen to any questions or suggestions from users, but I need to complain somewhere! Because how are you supposed to vote for ONE book in a genre that includes everything from erotic ménage stories to Christian fiction?

Obviously someone over at Goodreads has a real thing for fantasy and science fiction books. While you are only able to vote for one work of romantic fiction, authors in the paranormal sort of area can find themselves appearing in Fantasy, Paranormal Fantasy, Science Fiction, Young Adult Fantasy and so on.

Talk about overrepresentation!

I keep seeing it mentioned that romance makes up 60% of the book-buying market. So we get one single award tossed our way… why??

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