Ménage Romance




Ruby Atkins’ life is at a crossroads. In constant pain after a lifetime as a ballet dancer, she is facing an uncertain future. Though she has found love with not one, but two men in her adopted country, Australia, she is far from home and forced to face the very real possibility of leaving her life – and lovers – behind.

Her decision to leave is met with opposition on many sides. Neither Jeremy Macfarlane nor Andrew Scarsi wants to let her leave the theatre and take off home to the United States. Their relationship might be unconventional, but too bad. They both know you can’t run from something this important.

However, there may be bigger issues for Ruby to deal with yet. Her departure from the Harbour Theatre means changes for many. Dance partners, rivals – even overzealous fans – there’re many lives altered the instant her resignation becomes official…

…And at least one person is unhappy enough to take their anger out on her. Can her men help her before a minor threat escalates into grave danger?


“No way.”

Andrew came to a stop at the door to Ruby’s building, shook his head, and then realised there was nothing to do but chuckle. Looked like it was going to be a threesome. Again.

“Great minds and all that, hey?” he said as he stepped forward to clap his rival on the shoulder.

Jeremy went back to his position leaning against the wall, arms crossed, his attention fixed somewhere down the street, and a slight smirk on his face.

“I was hoping that if I had to see your ugly mug today, you might have at least brought her home with you.”

Jeremy. Always the life of the party.

“She should be here soon. I was off a couple of hours earlier today, and she didn’t want me to wait.” He checked his watch. “Of course, if neither of us bothered to tell her we’d be dropping by, she wouldn’t have a need to rush.”

Andrew mimicked the other man’s pose, propping a foot up to wait.

“You pissed off I’m here too?”

“No. Should I be?” Jeremy switched his attention to Andrew. “Are you? About me being here?”

“No. At some point we’re going to have to stop acting like she’s two different people. If she’s ours, then she should be ours. Together.” He lowered his voice as a woman passed by with a couple of little kids in tow. They had nothing to be ashamed of, but that didn’t mean the whole world had to know their business.

“We should talk about this more seriously – with her. You know, before her parents come out here on that visit.”

“Bring it out into the open?”

Andrew felt that familiar jolt of worry at the idea. Even in the weird and wonderful theatre world, threesomes were unusual enough to cause major problems. Him? He could deal with it, sure. Wouldn’t be easy, but he’d deal. But for Ruby…

Jeremy pushed off from the wall for a second time, startling Andrew from his thoughts. His eyes found the pretty blonde walking up the street.

“And there she is.”

Andrew frowned as he watched Ruby approach. Something was off…

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