Well, what do you know, I just realised I haven’t updated the news page since October 2012!! I also took a look at my About page, and realised that needed fixing too (it still needs some fixing). I’m fairly embarrassed at how badly I’ve neglected this place…

Things are a little different now. The last time I posted news, it was to say I was pretty much abandoning my blog, and that isn’t true now, not at all. I was having all kinds of problems with being hassled by weirdos who thought I was looking for sex partners.

I went from blogging daily to not blogging full stop. Now things have settled down I’m posting something about once a week.

Since my last update on this page I’ve released two books: For Keeps and Hidden Command. I also have another one about halfway to being done. It is another ménage romance, but this time the relationship involves BDSM too.

I think I’ve found the balance I need with my online presence. There’s only been one – yes, ONE and only one! – creepy online stalker incident in months (compared to daily problems this time last year).

So I must be doing something right!

From now on I promise to actually check out my own pages occasionally so I don’t fall so far behind!

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